This Safe Routes to School Program Finder allows you to explore education, encouragement, and enforcement program concepts based on your school or district's opportunities and needs. Search by program type, topic, format, target audience, and/or primary desired outcomes. The results will display a customized list of program concepts based on your query. Click on the name of the program for more detailed information, including notes on potential leads, partners, and resources needed, as well as links to sample programs or how-to guides.

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Title Category Description
After-School Club Education, Encouragement

An after-school club can take many forms and address many different themes, including bike repair, sport cycling, environmental issues (green teams), community/civic engagement, etc.

Assemblies/Game Shows Education, Encouragement

Assemblies grab students' attention through fun, interactive activities, such as games, skits, or demonstrations. Safe Routes to School assemblies often cover pedestrian and/or bicycle safety but can also address bicycling skills, the environment, health, and other topics. A game show covering safety questions makes a good format for a smaller group such as a single classroom.

Automated Enforcement Enforcement

Some types of enforcement do not require the presence of a law enforcement officer and are automated. Photo detection, radar trailers, or speed feedback signs are examples of automated enforcement.

Bicycle Rodeo Education, Encouragement

Bicycle Rodeos are events that offer bicycle skills and safety stations for children - and sometimes parents - to visit (e.g., obstacle course, bicycle safety check, helmet fitting, instruction about the rules of the road, etc.). Bicycles rodeos can be held as part of a larger event or on their own, and either during the school day or outside of school. Adult volunteers can administer rodeos, or they may be offered through the local police or fire department.

Bike Mechanic Training Education

Learning bike repair skills encourages students and families to bicycle to school and empowers students to take charge of their own transportation. A bicycle mechanic training can be made available to students as a one-time "basics" lesson or as a multi-session course. This training can be offered after school or on weekends for interested students, and can be combined with an earn-a-bike program, bike rodeo, or bicycle safety/skills trainings.